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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top Apps to Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolution

This here blog is my New Year’s Resolution. It’s the only one. In fact, I can’t remember ever having made a New Year’s resolution before. Oh sure, I make goals that I’d like to shoot for, but nothing really set in stone. I would say I like to be fluid, but really it’s just a problem with commitment. So here’s my one, set in stone resolution… I will maintain a blog.

I’ve always been the person who comes up with ideas and tells other people what to write. Because of this, I never felt like I had the time or need to write one of my own. However, I now find that I’d like a creative outlet or at least the opportunity to display my super power which is apparently performing mind numbingly useless Google searches on obscure facts and events.

Oh and I’d also like to use this blog to give some praise to the people and ideas that make this world a better, funner (yes I know it’s not a word) place.

So in the spirit of my new year as a blogger here’s a little SEO pandering…


Some of the most common New Year’s resolutions that people make are to Lose Weight, Quit Smoking, and Drink Less. These are hard and most of us need help to do hard things. Then there are those who don’t have anything major, but need help even keeping minor resolutions. Below are apps to help with everything from keeping big to little resolutions.

·           HasselMe (http://www.hassleme.co.uk/) Nag your way to a successful resolution. HassleMe will bug you via eMails sent at random intervals, so you’re constantly reminded to keep your eyes on the prize.

·           Resolutions 2012 (http://itunes.apple.com/) This is a serious app for making some serious changes. Resolutions 2012 allows you to record your resolutions; identify the habits or behaviors you need to be successful; and track your success by recording each action.

·           LoseIt (www.loseit.com) This weight loss app gives you an easy way to obsessively track calories and physical activities to help you manage your weight loss goals.

·           Quitnet (http://www.quitnet.com) This Quit Smoking site offers community support and tailored smoking cessation programs for people ready to stop smoking like a chimney in 2012.

·           Drink Less Alcohol Tracker (http://www.appbrain.com) – Get off the Sauce this year. Well I won’t be doing that, but if that’s what you’re in to try this nifty little phone app. It helps you track your blood alcohol level so you can guilt/scare yourself out of that last drink. Compatible with iPhones and I hear there may be some Android apps out there.