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Monday, February 27, 2012

Bechet Benjamin 9 - Fairy Princesses Are Still OK and Reality Hasn't Messed Everything Up

gifs make
Gifs make

I absolutely love this concept. For this photo series the photographer took Iconic fantasy figures and placed them into mundane, real-life situations.

I think people would see this series as a way to put icons on your level. 

For me, the reality is seeing icons like this made me appreciate them in a new way. 

There's the one with Snow White under a grimy overpass. I LOVED Snow White when I was little. I was a Snow White fanatic - no joke. For some reason, this pic didn't disspell the magic of Snow White for me. Instead it made me say "Snow White you can do it, even without the princess stuff!".

It was nice to see that 30 some-odd years later the magic hadn't worn off. That there was something I still held super fairy princess special - even it if was framed by a dirty overpass. To be fair the others were more dejected. But the fact is, they are heroes and when you see them that way you want to see them rally and become heroes again. It reminds you that you really can be an optimist, regardless of what you say and think and do every day.

That may not have been the artist's point at all, but that made me feel... shiny.

Hope everyone gets to keep a hero.

That's what I got from this.


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