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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Cultural Events (And Not So Cultural Ones Too)

Every month there’s an art fair, food festival or weird cultural event taking place somewhere in the U.S.

I love arts & cultural events that give local artist communities an opportunity to show their work.

I adore culinary fairs that promote local agriculture and highlight regional cuisine.

I am absolutely addicted to weird-a** events that make me shake my head and start planning a road trip (see American Fancy Rat and Mouse Annual Show below).

From high-brow art fairs to Bar Stool Races – here are a few of the best events taking place this February. For a full list check out the event listing page on my website  .

If any one is able to visit one of these, let me know!

Feb 4-10
Seven Days of Opening Nights (Tallahassee, FL
This joint can probably make you more artistic just by osmosis! The festival no longer lasts 7 days but the name stuck and now “'7 Days' is a metaphor for quality, not a measure of quantity”. Seven Days of Opening Nights is a performing-arts festival that spotlights Florida State University's commitment to the arts — music, theatre, dance, visual art, film and literature.

Feb 11-14
San Francisco Zoo Valentine’s Day Sex Tour aka Woo at the Zoo (San Francisco, CA) 
Dude, it’s all about the birds and the bees and the tigers and lions and bears. There are brunches and dinners and a presentation called “Yin Yang Yippee! A New Cosmic Look at the Sex Lives of Animals”. Basically boozing it up with some Discovery Channel porn. I will so be reminding people of this closer to V-Day.

Feb 18
International Bar Stool Races and Chili Feed (Drummond, WI)
Racers decorate barstool and attach them to skis then they use these contraptions in a down-hill ski race. It is entirely unrecommended and displays a wealth of poor judgment. I really want to go. To make it event better there's a lot of homemade chili.

Feb 23-25
International Water Tasting Contest (Berkeley Springs, WV
More than one hundred waters from across the country and around the globe come here to compete for the coveted honor of best tasting tap water. This may not seem so great until you go to some restaurant and get forced into buying a trillion dollar bottle of water because the tap water tastes like rust-coated nail biscuits. So yeah, go ahead and laugh at Berkeley Springs. You’ll reconsider after a tetanus cocktail at your local diner.

Feb 28 - March 11
Cinequest - San Jose Film Festival (San Jose, CA)
Cinequest Film Festival (CQFF) presents a 13-day event of 200 international films with over 600+ film artists, technologists, and professionals from 44 countries in attendance. Cinequest is all about reinventing the definition of film distribution and marketing by celebrating premium “quality Maverick cinema, television and innovation”.

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