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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bacon Coffins - Breakfasts & Funerals Will Never Be the Same Again?

Bacon CoffinI'm not sure what a "bacon memorial tube" is, but if I wasn't planning on being burned on a floating pyre in a viking burial, this is totally what I would do.

J&D Food's, the company that makes Bacon Salt and Bacconaise, has created the world’s first bacon-wrapped casket. As the company states:
“Bacon Coffins are finished with a painted Bacon and Pork shading and accented with gold stationary handles. The interior has an adjustable bed and mattress, a bacon memorial tube and is completed in ivory crepe coffin linens."
The Bacon Coffins are available for $2,999.95 plus shipping.
You should probably jump right on this.

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